Connecting foodies with food.

Foodiplace is an all-inclusive digital ordering platform aiming to connect foodies with food. Our versatile system helps improve the dining experience for restaurant-goers while facilitating restaurants with state-of-the-art food ordering technology.

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Foodiplace enables restaurants to establish connection with Foodies.

For foodies

Consumers get an all-round ordering opportunity from multiple sources. From the click of a button on the smartphone, food connuisers can connect with their favorite establishment and order meals from all around the city. In addition, Foodieplace introduces consumers with a vast range of eateries around their locality, all the while providing the same food at the best price you would find anywhere.

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For Restaurant Owners

As we connect food lovers with restaurants, we also ensure an increase in sales revenue of our partner establishments. Adhering to our goal, we are shying from the contemporary norm of charging heavy commissions.

Furthermore, our digital functions are crucial to sustaining business operations even during this COVID-19 pandemic. To cope with the current health crisis, our system is designed to function efficiently by adhering to all health and safety protocols.

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Thousand orders processed

We process hundreds of thousands of orders from restaurants across the city every day, running our software to relay these orders to the system and kitchen.


Guest turned to regular customer

Through the correct marketing tools with Foodieplace more guest to the restaurants have been buying foods repeatedly.


Increased revenue

Delivery makes it easy to explore new sales channels, so you can serve more happy customers and increase profits.

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