A Foodie Tour of Boudha

13 Jun, 2021
A Foodie Tour of Boudha

From conventional bread crackers to modern pizzas and burgers, one can find an assortment of dishes that justify their culinary preferences. The world heritage area is a hidden gastronomical paradise in nooks and crannies that one must explore. Baudha restaurants provide a mix of local, international, and northern flavors. Best of all, they are all served in hearty portions. 

Foodiplace presents a culinary tour across the narrow alleyways and around the majestic Baudhanath stupa as we discover the best eateries and dishes in the Baudha vicinity. Next time you’re in Baudha, be sure to ask for Foodiplace QR code because we help make dining-in easy and exciting. 

Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory

Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory is among the most famous eateries in Bauddha. The snug establishment is known for serving freshly rolled noodles that blend the savory flavors of garlic, soy sauce, and an amalgamation of chili, oil, and sesame seeds. Be mindful of their limited menu; it only comprises a few noodle and lafing items. Between the two, the noodles are favorites among their customers.

A regular portion of the noodles is advisable only for heavy eaters. For moderate diners, the smaller serving is a more suitable option.


The 10-year-old G-Cafe serves international culinary delights maintaining top-notch hygiene standards. Located on the opposite lane of the Bauddhanath Stupa, the fast-food establishment has received acknowledgement for maintaining the utmost quality without tempering their taste.

Since the entire menu is a result of intensive research and development, the cafe follows precision while preparing their food. Chicken garlic noodles, Manchurian, and American chop suey are among the most popular items here. 

G-cafe is among a handful of restaurants in town that would satisfy the cravings of even the biggest pizza connoisseur. Their dough is airy, and the sharp taste of aged-cheese is distinct in their pizzas. 

Yak Restaurant

The ambiance of the restaurant may not necessarily display the grandeur that most eateries boast. Moreover, even the shabby dining area can lead the customers to doubt their pick. However, with the food, the dingy restaurant turns into a gastronomic lavishness.

Yak restaurant is an ideal dining option for large groups. The serving portions are massive, and eating in groups allows diners to experiment with the various items from their extensive menu. 

At Yak, an order of whole fish is ideal and would easily suffice for two-three people. The tangy chicken hot-pot is another popular dish here. Both the dishes can be paired with rice or T-momo. Besides, they also serve small-sized soup dumplings, which can be a unique culinary experience for many.