Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Kathmandu

01 Nov, 2021
Amazing Vegan Restaurants in Kathmandu

Are you struggling to find the restaurants inside the valley that can match your vegetarian standards without containing meat and animal products? Then let me guide you to reach your destination.

Here are the list of 5 vegan restaurants which will serve you with high quality and delicious vegetarian cuisine.

1. Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant: It is located in the heart of Thamel inside shiva complex on the upper floors with a peaceful environment offering you fresh and high quality vegan and vegetarian dishes. You can also chill in the aquaponic garden on the rooftop.

2. Places Restaurants and Bar: It is situated on seven corners, a side street off the busy Thamel area, offers you different kinds of exquisite vegan cuisine with a comfortable setting and service. The quality of the food and the ambience will make your every rupee worth.

3. OR2K: OR2K is located in Mandala street, This restaurant is best known for its fresh and tasty food. Service is faster with a sustainable price. It is a good option for vegans.

4. Aniyor Veg and Vegan Restaurant: It is located in Thamel Marg with a cozy environment. Serve fresh and homemade food. It offers Indian vegan and vegetarian food with lots of healthy and gluten free options.

5. Bodhi Garden Vegetarian Restaurant: It is situated in Chakrapath. It is really a great vegan restaurant in Kathmandu where you can find varieties of tasty foods with suitable prices. A friendly atmosphere, kind service and delicious food with a whole flavoursome, what else do you need?

Saluting every vegans in the world. Happy International Vegan Day.