History of Yomari Punhi

19 Dec, 2021
History of Yomari Punhi

There is always a mysterious tale about all Nepali Festivals. To talk about Yomari Punhi, you can find various stories about the origin of yomari. According to mythology, the couple Suchandra and krita first tried fresh rice from their fields because everyone loved food. Bread is called yomari and literally means ''delicious bread''. The couple also served this dish to Kuber, the god of wealth disguised as a beggar. Kubera was pleased with the generosity of the couple and blessed them with wealth and prosperity. He declared that anyone who prepares Yomari in the shape of gods and goddesses on the day of the full moon of Marga Sukla Purnima will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

What is Yomari  Punhi?

Yomari Punhi is known as the full moon of Yomari, It is one of the most famous festival in Newari Culture. Also known as Dhanya Purnima. People Celebrate each year throughout the full moon of December which means at the end of the rice harvest. A yomari is a fish - shaped rice flour(newly harvested) dough stuffed with brown sugar cane and sesame seeds and steamed. This delicacy is the main item on the post - harvest celebration menu of yomari punhi. The farmers work hard during  the harvest, and yomari is made to reward them after a long time of hard work. They get together and prepare a yomari with their families. It is also a tribute to the farmers efforts to produce rice in the fields.

Yomari is loved by all and has become one of the most popular dishes and is served as a dish in several restaurants.

People also keep chaku(a chocolate as a form of food and khuwa) like dairy products. Which is very delicious.

Last but not least, happy Yomari Punhi to all.