Top 3 local tea destinations in the valley

13 Jun, 2021
Top 3 local tea destinations in the valley

Tea is among the most consumed beverages in Nepal.  The character of the drink changes from one place to another. With every corner junction flaunting a unique specialty, each stall or cafe owns its own peculiarity.

Be it to boost your mood or a companion for your gossip, this drink is a must for every occasion. A single cup of hot beverage carries many warm memories. Drink it with ginger, lemon, or any mix in a spice, there is no going wrong. 

Tea Shop at the Narrow Alley Opening - Basantapur

The Basantapur-Jhochhen junction shop takes you back to the hippie days. Unchanged for many years, the shop is a regular for several clientele each day. The majestic Basantapur Durbar serves as the perfect backdrop for the customers who come to spend quality evenings as they sip their tea from a disposable cup.

Bajey ko chiya pasal (Pulchowk)

Bajey has been serving tea in the classic lined glass for several years now. Baje, despite operating from a one-shutter tea shop, accommodates his customers in the public space in front of the Lalitpur Metropolitan building in Pulchowk. The tea is nothing more than what you find in every other stall all around town, but its location serves as a preferable hangout spot for many.

Chobar Tea Stalls

The roadside tea stalls -- just shy of a dozen shutters and shacks -- are the new buzz in town. They serve tea to the passersby on this busy road overlooking the lush vegetation perched on either side of the Manjushree cliffs. The tea and snacks shops at Chobar, though adjacent to Kathmandu, provide a quick escape into a somewhat rural setting from the daily hustle and bustle of city life.

These are our top 3 favorite tea destinations based on accessibility, and ambiance. We understand each of you have different preferences. Let us know if your list differs from ours.